​The police car in all these photos has its siren and emergency lights going, and at times PD (Police Dog) is barking as well.  All these pictures were taken on the afternoon of the second day of the 2015 clinic when it all came together with no incidents or out of control horses.  There were many comments by the riders that it was an awesome clinic, by auditors wishing they were riding in it, and by both saying, "We have to do this again!"​

​The Tucson Saddle Club sponsored this clinic originally in November, 2015  to encourage more of its members to participate in the annual Tucson Rodeo Parade by helping them and their horses to gain the confidence to remain calm and safe in that kind of environment.  That goal was met for the parade in February 2016 with a record number of 16 riders in the parade for us; the youngest rider ever at 10 years old; and the oldest at 79 years old. This is far more than just a  de-spooking clinic., it proved to be such a positive training experience in general and in such high demand, we offered it again in 2016, 2017, 2018, and are again in 2019.  This clinic is more about confident correct horsemanship and correctly applying it with your horse. The results are amazing when you have an excellent  horseman/instructor watching and coaching you as you ride. National Mounted Police Services trains primarily police mounted units, but also civilian mounted units to safely operate in such challenging situations as a noisy and active parade, but the principles apply equally well in riding your horse on the trail or anywhere else.  They have trained mounted units that participate in the Mardi Gras parade among many other such environments.  The clinic is a progressive two day syllabus starting out at a low level and gradually escalating the challenges ; as such, participation is necessary both days of the clinic.  A third day at the front end of the clinic is also offered and may be attended either with or without the following two day clinic.  That Friday is an Equitation Day where the focus is improving basic riding skills and an introduction to various obstacles that can be experienced on trails.    Bill Richey, the instructor, was a mounted police officer for 32 years and is an excellent horseman and instructor.  More info on this clinician can be seen at their web site: 

For insurance requirement purposes, all applicants must be Tucson Saddle Club members, but the cost of joining the club to cover this requirement is only $20 for single members, or $30 for a family living together.   ​Further details and the registration form for the clinic for 2019 are available by clicking on the button at the bottom of this page.  


Video 1

​This first video was taken throughout both days of the clinic and put together by Letha Simmons.​

Video 2

​This second video was taken on Sunday afternoon Nov. 8th, 2015 of the first clinic and depicts the final exercises that put it all together after the previous day and a half working up to this level of calmness by the horses and riders.  Amazing!   Video taken and put together by Dan Simmons.​

Clinic Videos

De-Spooking/Horsemanship Clinic
National Mounted Police Services Inc.
(The clinic will not be held in 2020)