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Friday, May 17

Ride Time: 9:30 am           Rated: 2+           Length: 3 hours



This ride will start on State Trust Land further north than previous rides I have led in Mescal, and parking with more room and nice views in itself.  We will make a large loop through a variety of terrain, vegetation, and with panoramic views varying from rolling grassy hills, draws with washes and tree filled flats along the banks including mesquites, desert willows, and sycamores at times (many flowers now; maybe not in May). We'll have views of the Mescal Movie Set from many angles at a distance then ending up circling it close in from our northeast approach and around the south to our northwest departure ( I asked them if we could ride down the main street east to west but they said no due to the many nails in the area that would be a liability).  This movie set is owned by Old Tucson and has been the site of many movies including Tombstone with Val Kilmer, Quick and the Dead with Gene Hackman, Clint  Eastwood movies, and many more.  The ride is any easy ride with a few areas approaching a 3 rating, but nothing difficult, a few cattle at times, and deer can be seen if we were quiet enough. Being on State Trust Land, a permit is required and the entire ride is on grazing leases of two different ranches, one of whom is fussy about that issue.  So you must have them and display them in the windshield of your vehicle where we park and carry one on you during the ride.  I will check for them when you check in for the ride so we don't antagonize the ranchers and risk our access to the lands.  We can lunch at the trailhead at the end of the ride for those who'd like to, and the Mescal Bar and Grill on the frontage road east of the I-10 ramps has good food there for those who'd like that option.

Directions: Take I-10 east from Tucson; exit at Exit 297, Mescal / J6 Ranch Road.  Go north on Mescal Road for 2.3 miles past the railroads tracks to the second left and turn left on Salcido Ranch Road. Stay on it for 2.6 miles; it will curl around to the west then north, cross a cattle quard, go past Claras Road on the left, then at 2.6 miles at the top of a hill there will be a dirt road on the right where you turn.  We'll be parked about 30 yards off the road in a large circle area and you will be able to see us there from Salcido easily.  Please RSVP so we can advise if any changes.  See you then!

Ride Leader: Dan Simmons, (520) 977-8551                                                                              Drag: TBA