Saturday, October 5
Ride Time: 9:00 AM                   Rated: 3+               Length: 4.5 hours​

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​The starting point of this ride will be at the site of the Fish Canyon Tierra Bella Ride a few years back near Kentucky Camp. It is in some beautiful country with a variety of terrain from lush canyon beds to spectacular hilltop panoramic views.  Ride is rated a 3+; most of it is a 3 or less but has a few spots with some brief slightly steep climbs or descents. Also has one longer climb that is not technically difficult but somewhat prolonged; your equine should be in reasonably good condition. We will take about a 30 minute lunch break at about the 3 hour point. There may be some watering spots for the horses here and there if the Fish Canyon creek bed still has water in it from the summer monsoon rains, and one tank if the water is good.  Letha and I have pre-ridden the route a couple times recently and led a ride there for another group a few weeks back and did some clearing of the trail, so it should still be in pretty good shape. Please RSVP so we know how many are coming and can advise those who are if there are any changes due to weather or other issues.

Directions: Take Highway 83 south towards Sonoita from Interstate 10. About 2 miles after the Border Patrol checkpoint turn left on Garden Canyon Road; follow the signs for Kentucky Camp.; shortly before the climb up a hill to Kentucky Camp you will see us on the right side of the road; Letha and I should be there about 8:00 AM so we're tacked up and ready to greet and sign in the riders ahead of time.  Drive time from the southeast side of Tucson to the Gardner Canyon Road turnoff is about 45 minutes; drive time from there to the start point is about 20 minutes on the back country roads dirt roads, so allow time for that.

Ride Leader/Drag: Dan (520) 977-8551) and Letha (520) 247-4229) Simmons