Agua Caliente Wash Ride

Ten of us gathered at Becky’s home and started promptly at 9.00am. Carolyn led the ride and set off at a brisk pace. The weather co-operated; and although it was over cast and a black rain cloud threatened; predicted windy conditions held off until the end of the ride. We crisscrossed the Aqua Caliente wash and in these dry times it was surprising to see a little stream. There must be a very high water table. We also rode on several strips of private lands so it offered places not often ridden by those not living in the area. As promised the ride offered a little bit of everything. Mostly the footing was sandy wash, but the occasional rocky and bushy areas, plus the roads, made for an interesting ride. The only busy road was Soldier Trail but all crossed safely. For me it was special as it was my first Saddle Club ride in 18 months and it was great to be back in the saddle with Club friends. Two hours was just enough for me and “old girl” Carly, who is in her 30’s.
Thank you Carolyn, Patti and Becky.