It was a beautiful day for a ride as twenty plus riders returned to the site of a previous Tierra Bella at Umpire Ranch in Canelo in the foothills of the Huachuca Mountains.  As we drove into the ranch we saw the old red barn on the edge of the parking area that brought back memories of the good times in that Tierra Bella.  Leaders Rebecca Pferdeort and Jean Ebbert soon had us on our way on the ride that not only had great vistas of the surrounding mountains and valleys, but was also a poker ride.  Most of the first half of the ride was a slow steady climb that rewarded us with great panoramic views in every direction, including the San Rafael Valley to our west where this year's Tierra Bella will return to the Little Outfit Ranch seen below us.  There was quite a bit of dead-fall along the creek bed on the way back from this winter's heavy snow fall that the weight of had brought down many limbs from the oak trees in particular.  Not far from camp on the return leg of the ride a couple deer were seen along the trail including one that just stood in the trees along the trail and calmly watched us ride by.  Once back to the ranch we were treated to a good lunch brought by our leaders of several varieties of sub sandwiches, chips, and cookies.  The poker hands were revealed and quite a few prizes were won by several of the day's riders as additional rewards for their day in the saddle.  All in all it was a great day under saddle in the Southern Arizona mountains.    Thanks for making this ride happen Rebecca and Jean!                                   ~ Ride report by Dan Simmons

~ Pictures provided by Mia Reavis.

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Carolle St. Jean


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Sunday, March 3

​This is a ride that lives up to its billing as a level 5 ride.  It is technically challenging and tests both rider and horse (or mule; :-), and their skills and trust in each other.  But like many things that test us, meeting those challenges can have its rewards.  In this case, the rewards were spectacular scenery, what turned out to be a beautiful day, the comradery of fellow equine lovers; and of course enjoying the day and meeting the test with our equine partners.

One of the first surprises was, despite the recent cold and wet weather, the day turned out to be quite nice and many of us soon shed our jackets.  We also had some concerns the about the warm weather potentially making the several water crossings in creeks a potential issue from the run off of the melting snow on the mountain making them too high to cross.  There were a lot of places where water was oozing out of the ground and running down the hill sides, but the creeks were at very manageable levels.  All in all, despite the difficulty of the trail, we really had no incidents and everyone got safely down the mountain.  We had a nice break for lunch by a concrete water tank just before we left the Arizona Trail that we had been on since leaving Prison Camp, and switching after to the Milagrossa Canyon Trail.  Steve, our fearless leader reported the elevation at Prison Camp was 4,845' and the elevation at Carolyn and his house where we ended up was 2,740'; a vertical drop of 2,105'. There were a couple of climbs in there as well. The ride was 12.25 miles long; we were moving for 4 hours and 26 minutes; our moving average speed was 2.8 mph; and we were stopped 1 hour and 13 minutes. We had 11 riders; one was a new member who signed up at the trail head; and two were winter visitors. Our thanks to Becky Tucker who assisted in transporting drivers back to their trailers at the Prison Camp trail head from the Pferdeort's home at the bottom of the mountain, and to Steve and Carolyn for leading this gorgeous ride!                          ~ Ride report by Dan Simmons

​Fabulous ride with 12 riders through varied and lush terrain, with a beautiful towering mountain backdrop and Greenrock, some climbing through mature high fields of blooming ocotillos. Crossed water in a couple of places, some trails were wide and sandy for doublewide riding. Great conversation, great jokes. We ended with a refreshing Egee's strawberry frozen desert. Thanks to Jenny for another very nice casual and relaxing very scenic ride!​                                                                                                     ~ Ride report and pictures by Bergie Harzheim

14 riders gathered at the site of our 2016 Fish Canyon Tierra Bella for a ride in a familiar but beautiful area.  The road in was worse shape than usual from the recent weather after turning off of Gardner Canyon Road, but not too bad.  It was a bit blustery and cool with a cloudy overcast, but not enough to deter us from having a nice ride.  What was a surprise was the amount of downfall from what was likely the heavy wet snow around the recent holidays.  Particularly in Boston Gulch there were many down trees and broken branches across the trail.  Fortunately we had some hardy lumberjacks in the persons of Don Finlayson and his steed General, Bill Braskamp, and Dave Cummings, in the lead clearing the trail with muscle and portable saws.  Don's horse General was particularly impressive and steady as Don hauled several large branches and even some smaller trees off the trail from the saddle; all in a day's work for General and no big deal!  After about a three hour ride Don and Colleen grilled up a nice lunch of hot dogs, chips and cookies as we sat and enjoyed the food and chatting with good horse friends.  A good way to spend a weekday on the trail!  Thanks Don and Colleen for a nice ride!  

Ride report and pictures by Dan Simmons




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