​​The ability to share our wonderful rides here on the web site and in the newsletter with those who weren't able to attend a ride, or those who are considering going on our rides and want to see what they've been missing, is totally dependent on those who have gone on them submitting pictures they have taken, volunteering to do the write-ups on them, and send to both the club Newsletter EditorAND to the Webmaster of the website via email.  Pictures must be in jpeg format and attached (not embedded in the text body) of the email!  Ride reports are typically posted in the next newsletter they are received before the deadline.  Please help us continue to support this tradition of sharing the fun and scenery we have on our rides by submitting your pictures and write ups to both​ the newsletter editor Linda Dahl at tscnews@hotmail.com and the Webmaster Dan Simmons at sgtsimmons1@dakotacom.net . Thank you.)​

No pictures for any rides since the Fall rides started have been forwarded to the Webmaster for this page.​  See the box at the top of the page for what is required for pictures of rides to be included here.

Ride Reports